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Whether full size or R/C  fun I've got some pics for you.

    My name is Jessica. I have two 1974 A-bodies. One El Camino and a Chevelle. I got the El Camino in mid summer 2001. At first it was just to get me to and from school. Then the motor give out so, I put a new one in. Will it snow balled from there. Now I own two of the lost gen. a-bodies.

   When I'm not out with my hot rods I'm tuning the Traxxas Stampede into one pure race truck.It is something I've been doing since 6th grade. Including modificions to the front suspension, rear suspension, transmission, and chassis. These are only tips and are not ment to be the rules, or the only way to set-up your truck. Everyone drives different therefore, set-ups will be different. 


  (pic is linked to El Camino Central Where I'm 74 chick)

This is the link to my new rc site.  At some point this site will be redone for only full size cars.

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  I'm at the Garden Grove main street car show. Held every Friday 4pm to apx. 8pm. See you there. Bring your hot rod!

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G3GM for all '73 to '77 A-Bodies

Pic at the bottom of the page is linked to all my Hot Rod pics. Smile

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